Английский язык (Вариант 6)

Вопрос 9

Прочитайте тексты и установите соответствие между текстами А–G и заголовками 1–8. В ответ запишите цифры, в порядке, соответствующем буквам. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании есть один лишний заголовок.


1. Strict rules for tourists

2. The native people’s art

3. No one will eat you there

4. Filmmakers just love the place

5. Visiting the national parks

6. The early story of New Zealand

7. A symbol of the country

8. The favourite domestic animals



A. It’s not necessary to fly to New Zealand to admire its wonderful views. You can see them all in the movies that were shot there. The Lord of the Rings was made entirely in New Zealand, and the country’s beautiful landscapes depicted Middle Earth, the Hobbits’ Land. King Kong and The Chronicles of Narnia, as well as dozens of less known films, transfer us to the most mysterious places on the planet. Apart from the scenery, another attraction for producers is the Wellington production studio and the famous Weta, a special effects studio and props manufacturer.


B. The tourists who admire the green scenery of New Zealand often mention that they have never seen so many sheep grazing in the fields. And this is true — there are a lot of sheep there. According to statistics, the population of the country is about 4.6 million people. The population of sheep is several times greater. In general, there are six sheep per person! The first sheep were brought to New Zealand by Captain Cook in the 18thcentury and since then sheep products have been the main part of the country’s agricultural production.


C. From the very beginning, farming was a good business for the European settlers as the cattle were very safe there. There are no predators on the unique islands — neither wolves nor tigers nor lions. New Zealand is indeed a blessed, peaceful place. That is why you can see animals there that would not have survived in any other place on the planet. Even birds and bats spend most of their time on the ground as there is no need to hide or fly for their lives.


D. The kiwi, a bird that cannot fly, represents good proof that even a helpless creature can live a long and comfortable life in the peaceful woods of New Zealand. The kiwi is a remarkable bird indeed. Its wings are so small that they are invisible under the brown feathers. A female kiwi lays only one very large egg and it is the male parent who usually warms it. You can see the image of the kiwi bird everywhere — from souvenirs to airline emblems and military badges. The association with the country is so strong that New Zealanders themselves are often called kiwis.


E. The image of the kiwi bird is certainly one of the main themes in Maori drawings, woodcrafts, and tattoos too. It is a fact that the fantastic flora and fauna of New Zealand inspires the aborigine people of Maori. Their craftworks are original and beautiful! The Maori are especially famous for their traditional crafts like weaving and carving. The government of the country does a lot to help the Maori keep their traditions. The art pieces of old and new craftsmen can be seen in museums and galleries all over the world.


F. Due to its geographical position, New Zealand was discovered relatively recently. It was in the middle of the 17th century when the ship of the Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman, approached the unknown land for the first time. But the Maori’s reception of the unwanted guests was so hostile that the sailors did not dare to step ashore. The attempt was only repeated in 1769, when Capitan Cook landed to the island. His first experience ended up in a fight with the native people but then the captain managed to establish contact with them.


G. Nowadays the inhabitants of New Zealand have nothing against overseas visitors. They are happy to show their country. There are some restrictions, however, and you’d better observe them to keep out of trouble. For example, you may have a lot of problems if you want to bring your pet with you, whatever size or kind it is. Honey, seeds, fruit, meat and a lot of other items are prohibited from entering the country. The restrictions are needed to protect the delicate balance of the place that was isolated from the rest of the world. Every foreign item could be dangerous for it!


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