Английский язык (Вариант 6)

Вопрос 35

Task 2 (2–3 minutes)


You play the part of a student in an international language school. You meet your classmate Jane/Jack in the school lobby. He/she looks a bit worried.

- Find out what your classmate is worried about.

- Answer your classmate’s questions about people’s inventions that you consider important. Explain why.

- Answer the questions about the sports popular in your country and the question about the Olympic Games of 2014.

- Accept the invitation to see a tennis tournament. Ask about the time and the meeting place.

You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of your classmate.

Remember to

- mention all four aspects of the task;

- take an active part in the conversation and be polite.


Пожалуйста, сравните полученный Вами ответ с ответом, указанным во вкладке "пояснение". Укажите баллы самостоятельно, руководствуясь критериями оценивания выполнения задания.