Английский язык ((C3). Условный диалог-расспрос)

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Task 2 (2-3 minutes)

You play the part of an exchange student in an international school in England. The course is about to finish and you want to organise a farewell party for your group. You need a classmate to help you prepare everything for the party. On campus you see your classmate Sally/Sean who can help you with the party.

  • Ask your classmate to help you with the farewell party for your group.
  • Answer your classmate’s questions what you have already decided to do.
  • Answer the questions if there are farewell parties in Russia and how they are celebrated.
  • Reject the invitation to go to the cinema tonight as you have a lot of homework to do.

You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of your classmate.

Remember to:

  • mention all four aspects of the task
  • take an active part in the conversation and be polite




Task 2 (2-3 minutes)

You play the part of a student in an international school in England. Your name is Sally/Sean. Your friend comes up to you somewhere on campus and you stop for a chat.

  • If asked for a favor, agree to fulfill the request.
  • Find out the details of what your classmate has already decided to do for the farewell party (the date and time, where to make the party, how to invite guests to the party, etc).
  • Ask your classmate about farewell parties in his/her country.
  • Invite your classmate to see a new film tonight.


The student is expected to demonstrate his/her ability to:

  • ask for information
  • provide the information required
  • accept/reject invitations
  • maintain and conclude the conversation
  • be active and polite